June 12, 2024

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Attempted Traffic Stop on Interstate 80 near Fernley Ends in Fire-Engulfed Suspect Vehicle at Suspect’s Own Hand

08/04/2022  Just before 6pm tonight, Lyon County Sheriffs Deputies in Fernley were attempting a traffic stop on Interstate 80.
The suspect vehicle left the I-80 near the rest stop west of Wadsworth. Suspect vehicle attempted to hit LCSO patrol car head on.  Nevada State Police, Highway Patrol Division arrived to assist.
The suspect vehicle drove into a ditch and began firing a weapon through the back window shattering the glass. At one point, an officer heard the suspect yell  something to the effect of, “I’ll die before you send me back.”
Weapon fire continued from suspect vehicle. Fire and visible smoke began until it engulfed the vehicle.
Suspect did not exit even as ammunition rounds could be heard firing off. Law enforcement, fire fighters, and emergency medical response team had to maintain a safe distance from the engulfed vehicle until ammunition discharges ended.


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