April 23, 2024

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Marcella Genevieve Giese Mitchell, 100, of Yerington, Nevada Lived an Enriched & Full Life

Marcella Genevieve Giese Mitchell left to be with her savior in the early hours of May 3, 2022 while asleep in her home. Marcella was 100 years old and was surrounded by all of the photos of her loved ones at the time of passing.

To sum up Marcella’s life in only a few paragraphs would be an impossible task – but one we’re still willing to try. Marcella was born to Francis and Catherine Eisenbarth Giese in Homer, New York on the bright and sunny day of September 3, 1921.

Her favorite hobbies as a child were spending time with her many brothers & sisters and finding ways to make helping out around the house fun. Marcella described herself as someone who would get into good trouble having fun with her baby sister, Zita.  Her parents passed when she was young, leaving her to abandon academic pursuits in order to find work and help provide for her family.

After becoming a young woman, Marcella went on to grow feelings for her brother’s best friend since childhood, Robert Mitchell.  After marrying Robert, they wanted to travel and see the countryside.  When Marcella & Robert were buying their first home together, they discovered that the paperwork from their first marriage wasn’t filed and they had to actually be married twice, a fact that Marcella frequently recalled, and found humorous. 

Marcella left this earth to be with the rest of her brothers and sisters: Flavian Giese, Eugene Giese Lillian Terwilliger, Seraphia Walborn, Bernice Stowell, Petronilla Soprano, Zora Giese, and Zita Fuhrer.  Marcella is survived by many nieces and nephews.

Marcella will receive Catholic Mass from Holy Family Catholic Church and will be buried next to her husband at the Valley View Cemetery in Yerington Nevada.

Catholic Mass for Marcella will be held at Holy Family Catholic Church in Yerington on Friday, May 6, 2022 at 1pm followed by burial.