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Lyon County Managers Office Sets the Record Straight

02/08/2022 Yerington, NV – The Associated Press and other news outlets have MISTAKENLY reported that Lyon County is considering rescinding the naming of the Donald J. Trump Justice Complex. The Lyon County Board of Commissioners has not sought an agenda item for this. February 4, 2022 the County Managers Office issued a media release explaining that the Board of Commissioners were asked to take action on a resolution that provided policy and direction for naming buildings, parks, etc.
The resolution was requested by Commissioner Rob Jacobson after the Donald. J. Trump Justice Complex action item was approved in August 2021. Commissioner Jacobson was seeking clear direction for the future. The Board agreed with the resolution concept but requested clarifications. Commissioner Henderson requested staff to determine if the policy could require a super-majority vote (4/5) instead of a simple majority (3/2). Commissioner Keller requested clearer language on the role of citizen advisory boards as well as public input. This resolution has nothing to do with renaming the Donald J. Trump Justice Complex.

((Referenced Press Release from 02/04/2022 :


The Board of County Commissioners was asked to adopt a resolution for naming county facilities, parks, cemeteries, open space, and drainages. Commissioner Henderson agreed with the resolution but requested staff to investigate if the Board could require approval of name be done by a supermajority (4 out of 5 Commissioners) in lieu of a simple majority (3 out of 5 Commissioners).

Commissioner Keller voiced support for the resolution but wanted clarification on section 3 which states “the Board of Lyon County Commissioners should make its selection after receiving a recommendation of the Citizens Advisory Board or Parks Board having jurisdiction, which shall be based upon public input from individuals and organizations.” Keller is concerned that the perception will be that the Board has to follow the Advisory Board’s recommendation only and that the public input will be taken only during the Advisory Board discussion. Keller also voiced concern that the item should not be heard at just the Advisory Board having jurisdiction. She used the naming of the Donald J. Trump Justice Complex as an example and expressed that the naming process affects the entire county.

Commissioner Jacobson requested the agenda item and expressed objection to any removal of Advisory Boards from the process. Commissioner Keller explained her intent was not to remove the Advisory Boards from the process but to clarify that public comment.

The Board tabled the item and directed staff to address the concerns provided and bring the item back in March.))

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