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Commission Deliberates for 2nd Bridge in Dayton, Nevada

February 4, 2022 The Lyon County Board of Commissioners discussed the possibility of a second bridge in the Dayton area. Currently, the only public access bridge is located off Dayton Valley Road. Lyon County has had a number of studies on this topic since 2008.

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County Manager Jeff Page explained that the 2010 Master Plan identified two locations for the second bridge. The 2020 Master Plan update provided for only one location off Chavez Road. A location off Cardelli Road would place traffic on Dayton Valley Road just west of the Rancho’s neighborhood. A location of Chavez Road would create a road network that would tie into Dayton Valley Road as well as cover the south end of Dayton to Lakes Boulevard.

The Cardelli Road access would be a 10 to 12 span bridge and would require the county to acquire property on or near Sutro Road to provide sufficient road width to handle the traffic. This location would place additional truck traffic on Dayton Valley Road.

The Chavez Road access would be a 2 span bridge and would require the county to acquire property to build a road network to tie into Dayton Valley Road and Lakes Boulevard.

A number of residents from the Rancho’s neighborhood voiced their objections and concerns about the Chavez Road site and did not want to see a tie in with Dayton Valley Road.

The Board took no action as requested the County Manager to hold a special meeting in Dayton to address the issue.

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