July 23, 2024

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BI-VALLEY RPEN NEWS: Rick Smith will Speak on Helping Hands for Seniors

The Yerington Bi-Valley RPEN Chapter (Mason Valley & Smith Valley Retired Public Employees will meet on Tuesday, November 23rd at the Lions Club for their regular monthly meeting.
The special speaker will be Rick Smith representing the local “Helping Hands for Seniors Group”. Among the many “helps” available,
Helping Hands can arrange transportation for out of town appointments.
There is a date change for RPEN, December meeting. It will also be at the Lions Club but will be a Pot Luck on Tuesday December 14th,
beginning at 11:00 A.M. until 1:00 P.M.   RPEN will send a card to members.
A current picture of Bi-Valley RPEN officers, Karen Dini,  June Matheus, Rita Evasovic, Dawna Warr was taken at the October meeting,
where Dawna Warr, cancer survivor, gave a very impressive presentation and encouragement for people to be aware of Cancer signs.
She also passed out items such as masks, bracelets, necklaces to wear and promote awareness of Cancer.
At October 2021 RPEN meeting held at the Yerington Lions Club: Karen Dini, June Matheus, Rita Evasovic, and Dawna Warr.
Pizen Switch Times thanks June Matheus for her photo- and information submission.