July 12, 2024

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BGCMV Seeks Donations to End 2021: Any Amount Can Make a Difference in Communities

“It takes a village to accomplish this, and we’d love more people to become part of the family.”

YERINGTON, Nev. – Growth was the story for Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley in 2021. The ribbon was cut on a new Dayton clubhouse, renovations were made in Hawthorne, ground is almost ready to break on the E. L. Wiegand Early Learning Center in Yerington and the Silver Springs clubhouse is seeing more members daily than it ever has before.

The end of the year is already here and, with it, the Club’s annual end of the year fundraising drive.

“We want to end this year strong together,” said board president Shannon Roe. “When kids and teens come into any of our five clubhouses, they’re safe, they’re fed and they’re given tools to learn and grow. It takes a village to accomplish this, and we’d love more people to become part of the family.”

When giving, donors can choose exactly where they want their dollars to go to, whether that be a specific community, clubhouse, program or purchase. Donations can be made at any local Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley site in Dayton, Yerington, Hawthorne or Silver Springs, via mail or over the phone or online at bgcmasonvalley.org.

BGCMV saw record numbers of daily attendance in Yerington and Silver Springs this year along with near-record demand in Dayton. The Hawthorne clubhouse ran into challenges forcing a temporary home for three months, but youth numbers are beginning to climb there as well. More than 80,000 meals and snacks were served free of charge this year, while more than 650 youth completed programs in the arts key area alone.

“These last few months of the year are always my favorite,” said CEO Travis Crowder. “People are always so kind, friendly and generous. I give back to our Club every month, and I hope folks in our community will get in on the holiday spirit this year and join us in making a difference for the 1,200 kiddos we call our family.”

Individuals who choose to take the standard deduction on their tax return next year can write off up to $300 in charitable contributions in addition to the deduction.