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County Commission takes action on Desert Wells Subdivision and Cottages at Traditions

The Board of Lyon County Commissioners met on November 4, 2021, in Yerington. The Board addressed a pair of planning items appealed to the Third Judicial District Court for Judicial review.

The Lyon County Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioner denied a Master Plan Amendment and subdivision map submitted by Schaller Development LLC. Schaller filed a court action against Lyon County and the Stagecoach General Improvement District. The parties held a settlement conference. Lyon County agreed to stay the litigation to allow Schaller to file an application for a project that meets the existing zoning on the property. This application will go through the normal review and approval process and the public will be noticed and have an opportunity to comment on the project at the various hearings. The Board approved the agreement, https://www.lyon-county.org/DocumentCenter/View/11052/Schaller_Release__Signed_ ,to stay proceedings to allow Schaller to file a new application for a project that complies with existing zoning on the property.

On April 1, 2021, the BOCC approved a Master Plan Amendment for the Cottages at Traditions on an 8.26-acre parcel in Dayton. The BOCC approved the Master Plan Amendment. Lucas also applied for a Tentative Subdivision Map on the parcel at the same time for 43 single-family lots for a density of 5.2 dwelling units per acre on 4500 square foot zoning. The BOCC denied the Tentative subdivision map. Lucas (the applicant) filed a Petition for Judicial Review on April 23, 2021. The case was briefed in the District Court. Based on the record and the applicable law, the District Court reversed the decision of the BOCC and ordered that the Petition for Judicial Review is granted and further ordered that the BOCC shall approve the tentative map according to the staff recommendations.https://www.lyon-county.org/DocumentCenter/View/11053/10-01-21_-_Order_Mandating_Approval_for_Tentative_Map. The Board accepted the Courts order

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