April 19, 2024

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Out of the Sierras and Bodie Hills Toward Fall & Winter Pastures : Amy Smith Guides the Way

Amy Smith grew up in Yerington, Nevada. Her parents were Bob and Nancy Smith, and her younger sister is Sara Smith Brower.

Amy’s lived in Mason Valley, Schurz, and, currently resides in Wellington. She’s loved horses since before she could walk. Amy is a master at horsemanship and is a sought-after guide who works for Hunewill Guest Ranch.

September 2021: The following photographs were taken by Amy at the Hunewill Guest Ranch’s Big Fall Gather where, according to Amy, “the guests take part in rounding up the cows out of the Sierras and the Bodie Hills.”

Pizen Switch Times thanks Amy Smith “One of Our Own”, for responding to and granting our request that  she share her photos and give us a glimpse into her adventurous life. ~ Leah Moore Wilkinson, Editor

Hunewill guests trailing cows to Bodie on September 12, 2021 ~ Amy Smith.


Amy Smith on her gray mare.




Megan at Bodie ~ Amy Smith.


Moving cattle near Bridgeport ~ Amy Smith.