June 18, 2024

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Leanne Merrell~ the Main Street Flower Lady.

Who is the Main Street Flower Lady?

Many Yerington residents have driven down Main Street wondering “just who is that lady who beautifies the flower planters that line the sidewalks?”

She’s there 3 times per week watering dozens of very large flower pots, carrying heavy jugs of water, removing trash that has been tossed aside, dead-heading the flowers, and helping to make Main Street in Yerington, Nevada pleasing to the eyes of passersby…

Through rain or shine, scorching temperatures, or smoke-filled air, the flower lady works on…Thank you for your dedication Leanne Merrell !

Yvonne Draper, Judy Davis and Martha Diehl started this ongoing beautification project in the 1990s after the Main Street remodel. They have paid for and planted the flowers every year since. They pay Ms. Merrell to water and dead-head 3 times a week. After Yvonne Draper died four years ago, her daughter-in-law Anna (wife of Fire Chief Scott Draper) took her place. They have continued this “labor of love” for almost 25 years now.

On behalf of our community, thank you Yvonne & Anna Draper, Judy Davis, and Martha Diehl! Your goodwill benefits us all!

Leanne Merrell ~ the Main Street Flower Lady.