April 23, 2024

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The Bi-Valley Chapter of RPEN includes Retired Public Employees residing in Mason and Smith Valleys.

5 Local Ladies Represent Bi-Valley RPEN at State Convention Celebrating Northern Nevada Heritage

~Written by Bi-Valley RPEN President June Matthews
The NV RPEN (Retired Public Employees of Nevada) State Convention is set for September 21-24  next week at Carson Valley Inn, Minden NV. The theme is celebrating the Heritage of Northern NV.
The Convention is hosted  by Bi-Valley(Smith and Mason Valleys), Carson and Fernley Chapters of  RPEN. It is expected that over 100 members from all over the state will attend. The week will be very active with Workshops on Wednesday that will present informative information regarding social security, health insurance and other issues. There will be featured speakers from the public employees retirement system(PERS) and public benefits Program (PEBP).
On Thursday, an Awards Banquet is scheduled to honor long standing members, who have been nominated by their local chapters.
Local Bi-Valley (Smith and Mason Valleys) members attending will be President June Matheus; Vice President Rita Evasovic; Secretary Dawna Warr; Treasurer Karen Dini;  and Delegate Karen Purrell.
To conclude, a State Officers Election will take place.  Rita Evasovic, currently serves as State Treasurer. The next convention will be in 2023, as Directors voted to meet only every other year.