June 18, 2024

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Charlie encouraging others to "Donate Blood". Photo courtesy of Phil Wooley.

Blood Drive ~ Desert Pigs ~ Vitalant and Chevrolet







Phil Wooley of the Lyon County Desert Pigs has been rallying residents of Mason Valley and beyond to donate blood at the blood bank donation event on Sunday September 5th at Wild West Chevrolet in Yerington, Nevada.

(“Desert Pigs is a community effort to rid our wild spaces of trach left behind from out-of-control illegal dumping.”)

Phil Wooley with Nancy. Photo courtesy of Phil.


Phil wrote: “You wanna know who really gives a damn about Yerington? Nancy does. She got up this morning, to stand in a parking lot, waiting to bleed, so a stranger can live.
Be like Nancy.”
Scott Workman Jr. and talking with Charlie. Photo courtesy of Phil Wooley.

Phil Wooley wrote: “Scott Workman Jr. Got the rare honor of meeting one of Vitalant’s clients. Charlie is is having open heart surgery Wednesday in Las Vegas. His dad, Joseph Pickett came to donate blood, and to show donors where their blood is going…Come on out and be a hero for Charlie, the toughest man I’ve ever met.”

Charlie encouraging others to “Donate Blood”. Photo courtesy of Phil Wooley.


Vitalant Bus, where all the magic happens. Photo courtesy of Phil Wooley.

Nicole greets and schedules people as they arrive to make a living donation. LMW


Joseph Pickett waiting to donate blood. Also pictured, Charlie, Nicole, Phil. ~ LMW


Phil Wooly and Scott Workman Jr.: Scott had just finished donating. ~LMW


Phil Wooley sporting an original Desert Pigs t-shirt. Phil is all about community. ~LMW


Robert Chavis giving the gift of life. JWilkinson


Chase MacGil, Vitalant Phlebotomist. ~ JWilkinson


Leah Wilkinson with Vitalant Supervising Phlebotomist Octavio. ~ JWilkinson

To learn about future blood drives with Vitalant, search online:  vitalant.org