June 12, 2024

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Lyon County Ready to Assist with Caldor Fire Evacuees ***Updated***09/06/2021 Shelters Now Closed

***Updated*** 09/06/2021 Lyon County has received no evacuees in our Dayton or Yerington sites. Lyon County is closing the Shelters in Mason Valley and Dayton today.
Jeffery A. Page
Lyon County Manager

09/01/2021 ~ Lyon County has not received any evacuees or animals at this point. The facilities and Dayton and Yerington are ready to receive RV’s and large animals. Lyon County has received a lot of support from around the County and is greatly appreciative of the offers of food, supplies, and housing for animals. Lyon County is keeping a list of all that have called in the event that those offered services are needed. Currently, evacuees and animals are being sheltered in Douglas County, Carson City, and Reno.

Lyon County Fairgrounds: 100 Highway 95A East in Yerington, Nevada. LMW

Lyon County will remain available for sheltering large animals and provided areas for RV’s. Lyon County has not been requested to open a traditional shelter. Citizens wishing to become a part of our Shelter Teams are urged to contact the American Red Cross to obtain training and/or contact Lyon County Emergency Management at jpage@lyon-county.org

Jeffery A. Page
Lyon County Manager/Emergency Management Director