February 27, 2024

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The Lyon County Justice Complex will now be named the Donald J. Trump Justice Complex in Yerington. (Photo: Lyon County/Facebook)

Lyon County Justice Complex renamed for Donald Trump by Keller, Gray, and Hockaday

Lyon County Chairperson Vida Keller of Silver Springs issued a proclamation to name the Justice Center in Yerington the “Donald J. Trump Justice Complex.”

The Lyon County Justice Complex will now be named the Donald J. Trump Justice Complex in Yerington. Photo courtesy of Lyon County facebook site.

This proclamation was on the agenda for discussion at the Lyon County Commissioners monthly meeting on Thursday, August 5th in Yerington at 27 S. Main Street.

At this meeting on August 5th, the proclamation passed 3-2 vote. Voting for : Keller, Gray, and Hockaday. Voting against: Henderson and Jacobson.

Keller said she will personally pay for a new plaque designating the Donald J. Trump Justice Complex.

In July, Keller and Gray voted to name Old Dayton Valley Road in Dayton, Nevada after Donald Trump, but that attempt lost 2-3.

Nevadaindependent.com journalist Steve Timko wrote:


“Lyon County commissioners previously voted 4-1 in favor of renaming Old Dayton Valley Road in Dayton “Pres. Trump Way,” but cited community opposition before voting 3-2 against the change two weeks later. Some residents opposed spending $8,000 for physical changes, including street and building signage. The road renaming would have given new addresses to several buildings in Dayton, including Dayton Elementary School.

Hockaday said that the expenses associated with the renaming of the justice complex — which houses the county’s sheriff’s office and jail, as well as district, municipal and justice courts — would be entirely covered by private donations, and Keller said she would personally pay for a new plaque for the building.

“It will not cost a taxpayer dollar. I will donate that money to the county,” Keller said.

During Thursday’s meeting, some members of the public expressed concerns about the renaming of the building, calling it a partisan move that would contribute to political divisiveness and arguing that the focus on the renaming detracts from other county business.

“As Commissioner Gray indicated, there was quite a lively discussion over the naming of the road, and the opposition to it was pretty clear from Democrats and Republicans,” Leandra Carr, who ran for a commission seat as a Democrat in 2020, said during the meeting. “There’s so much going on, and it is such a divisive issue and such a partisan project that I would ask that you please put together the policy for naming buildings first and let this play out.”

Keller rebuffed the concerns public commenters raised about Trump and the county’s action, and she said that other buildings in the county have been named after “various people for various reasons,” including after figures that did not live in Lyon County.

“I don’t think we have ignored any county business that needed to be taken care of,” Keller said. “As far as a right to name a building, and after who, yes the commission does have that right.”

Several other communities across the country have also taken action to honor the former president through the renaming of roads.

Oklahoma Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt signed legislation earlier this year to name a stretch of highway in the Oklahoma Panhandle after Trump. And in January, a rural Virginia councilman proposed renaming a road “Donald Trump Avenue.”

Similar to those other rural locations, Trump has received consistent electoral support in Lyon County since he first ran for office in 2016, garnering 69 percent of the vote in the 2020 election and 67 percent of the vote in 2016. President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton won 28 percent and 26 percent of votes in those elections, respectively.

Lyon County’s newly renamed Donald J. Trump Justice Complex is located at 911 Harvey Way in Yerington.”


Wes Henderson – District 1
117 Denio Drive
Dayton, Nevada 89403
Phone: (775) 461-6296
Vida Keller, Chair – District 2
P.O. Box 201
Silver Springs, Nevada 89429
Phone: (775) 461-6275

Ken Gray, Vice Chair -District 3
1128 Cheatgrass Drive
Dayton, NV 89403
Phone: (775) 461-6223
Phone: (775) 220-1935


Robert Jacobson – District 4
1040 Truckee Lane
Fernley, NV 89408
Phone: (775) 461-6298
Dave Hockaday – District 5
12 Juanita Lane
Wellington, NV 89444
Phone: (775) 461-6302