February 27, 2024

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Best friends, cousins, twins (?) Sarah S. and Morgan P. preparing to tend bar to earn funding for YHS Lions Pride Booster Club.

Volunteering at NITC Music Festival for Yerington High School’s Lions Pride Booster Club

In preparation to volunteer for the 2021 Night in the Country Music Festival on Saturday July 24th, 2021, cousins Sarah and Morgan travelled to Reno, NV two weeks ago to earn their Nevada Food & Beverage Certificate. Morgan drove in from the Sacramento area and Sarah from Yerington.

Food boulevard at the NITC Music Festival 2021. Photo courtesy of Sarah S.

The non-profit group that Sarah and Morgan were volunteering for is the Yerington High School Lions Pride Booster Club which supports YHS Students in sports, band, and other extra-curricular activities.

Bartenders and Bar Stockers preparing for the Saturday night country music fans. Photo courtesy of Sarah S.

The bars were stocked with pallets of water, gatorade, and beer that people would pay for with tickets they purchased at a different booth.

Out houses lined up to accommodate the needy.

Another booth was set up to identify ages of concert fans to distinguish the under 21 year olds from the over 21 year olds.

Prepping the barback for the NITC festival fans. Photo by Sarah S.

Before the crowd came:

Main Stage at the Night in the Country Music Festival 2021.

As the fans trickled in:

Festival enthusiasts getting ready for some music.

And full-on celebration:

Country concert in full swing. Photo by Sarah S.

Sarah and Morgan’s “shift” ran from 2-11pm with a break. Customers lined up at 1 of 5 beverage tents that were each manned by 4+ volunteers.  Canned drinks and plastic bottles were served only open to prevent any 12 ounce projectiles. This meant that Sarah, Morgan, and the other volunteers opened hundreds of cans and plastic bottles each hour.

Sarah reported that she and Morgan plan to volunteer “all 3 days next year!” She said it was a lot of  work but a lot of fun seeing people have a good time & enjoy the music while raising funds for the Mason Valley Boys & Girls Clubs as well as other non-profits.

Thank you, Sarah, for providing the information and photos for Pizen Switch Times readers!