May 29, 2024

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Ready For Some Fireworks, Yerington?!

Photo courtesy of Roberta Bryant.

In 2019, little did people viewing the fireworks that were launched from a farmer’s field between Bridge Street and Goldfield Avenue in Yerington know that it would be 2 long years before they again saw the 4th of July pyrotechnics… felt the reverberations in their bodies…or heard the explosions.  (Update: thank you to Beka Graham for this reminder: “We did have fireworks in Yerington in 2020 thanks to some wonderful community donations.”)

Photo courtesy of Roberta Bryant.

Local photojournalist Roberta Bryant shared these photos taken from Mason Valley’s 4th of July Celebration in 2019:

Photo by Roberta Bryant.

Put your pets in a safe, secure place; then join your neighbors in celebrating the birthday of our country, wind permitting…