May 29, 2024

The Pizen Switch Times

Established 2021

~A tale written & photographed by photojournalist Roberta Bryant~

A story about Freda the baby lizard.

She is about two inches long now and has been doing some exploring….

“Hey look what I found!” Freda the Lizard was having a rough morning when she was getting some sun at her place on the step…a snake was below her so she jumped down and went up a pole to get away from the snake.

Coachwhip snake

Whew…that was close !! She found the flowers and she couldn’t believe it: there were some bugs and little tiny bees flying around… she looked and looked…is this lizard heaven ?!

It was great and of course Freda went in… she was there for about an hour.

I was watering the flowers and out Freda comes all wet and not happy…I thought she was gone.. it is now her favorite place.