July 12, 2024

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Lyon County Sheriff’s Office – Nevada: Message of the Week ~ July 5, 2024

Lyon County Sheriff’s Office – Nevada

Message of the Week 07/05/2024

Independence Day was celebrated throughout Lyon County yesterday, and was done so relatively safely. The shift briefing this morning was light, with only a few incidents throughout the County. Numerous calls came in through dispatch, and people even reached out on Facebook to request responses for illegal fireworks, throughout Lyon County. While the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office operates in a “default aggressive” mindset when combating crime, there are simply too many illegal fireworks calls taking place to respond to. The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, along with Fire Departments do respond to calls, where people are injured, fires have begun etc. I am not aware of any catastrophic calls for service last night in regards to fireworks.

The Fernley parade drew a large crowd, along with the 4th of July event in the Out of Town Park. The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office participated in the parade and sponsored a booth at the park event. Several of our Deputies worked the booth and the event, which gave them the opportunity to engage with the citizens of Fernley. There is one event in particular that the crowd looks forward to, and that’s the greased pig chase. Firefighters from North Lyon and the Sheriff’s Deputies compete to see who can catch the pig first. In back-to-back years the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office has caught the pig! (Deputy Lynch came through) Overall the event was fun and safe, and ended in an outstanding fireworks show!

The Yerington Chamber of Commerce held an awesome 4th of July event in the City of Yerington, and from all reports was safe, and a lot of fun for the Mason Valley Community as well. The events in Yerington ended as well with a spectacular fireworks show, put together by the Mason Valley Fireworks Committee!

The people who put on and plan the events in Fernley and Yerington are volunteers, they volunteer their time and energy to ensure our communities celebrate our Independence Day safely, and make it fun at the same time! Great job to all of those who took part!

The holiday weekend is still upon us, and I urge all of those who are partaking in the celebration to do so responsibly! Keep our roadways safe, do not drink and drive and act responsibly.

Sheriff Brad Pope