July 12, 2024

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Obituary: Gary P. Steele of Yerington NV Passed Away on May 29, 2024

Gary P. Steele had passed away on May 29, 2024. We are having a memorial service for him on June 29,2024 at his home ay 4 Prospect Street in Yerington, Nevada from 1pm to 3pm. Everyone who knew Gary or his family is welcome to join his family to say your goodbyes.

Surviving him are his wife, Helen Steele, and his daughter, Lisa Steele, of Yerington; two step sons, Ray Nelson & Roy Nelson, of Reno; 3 grandchildren of Reno, Amber & her husband, Steve Austin & his wife, Mariah and Lindsey. Gary was pre-deceased by his first wife, Virginia Nish, and by both parents and brothers.