June 12, 2024

The Pizen Switch Times

Established 2021

On the Road to Self-Discovery, Every Mile Tells a Tale ~ By Kevin Kirk

On the road to self-discovery, every mile tells a tale. This is the end to my eras tour.


Weber Era: Where it got better/ended.

  • PR’s: 30:07 10k/14:15 5k/4:16 mile/24:10 8k
  • To the team: thanks for pushing me everyday, thanks for the laughs, thanks for memories, thanks just thanks for everything. Love each and everyone of you guys.
  • To Talley: thank you for the last year and a half. You made my goals a reality and believed in me more than I did sometimes. Thanks for being there for me on my good days and my bad days. Love you.

Dixie Era: Where it got good.

  • PR’s: 32:07 10k/14:50 5k/4:25 mile/24:10 8k
  • To the team: wouldn’t be where I am without you. Y’all helped me get to where I am so thankful for each and everyone of you. Miss y’all.
  • To Justin: I will forever owe you. You gave me the biggest opportunity anyone has ever given me. Thanks for being patient with me and developing me into a high caliber runner. You’re the man J Dawg!
Yerington Era: Where it started.
  • PR’s: 17:09 5k/10:28 3200/4:39 1600
  • To Phil Kruse: So thankful you decided to move to Yerington and took on the challenge of making me into any sort of runner. Thanks for making college running a possibility.
  • To Todd Cosmo: thank you for persuading admin to start a cross country team for me back in 7th grade. Thanks for your pep talks and being a marshmallow.

To Billie: Thank you for supporting me and my crazy dreams the last 5 years. I love you so much and wouldn’t be here without you.

To my family: Thanks for being proud whether I had a good day or a bad day. Thanks for cheering the loudest for me. Love you guys!

Kev out


From Phil Kruse: Congratulations Kevin, it was my most memorable season of coaching I have done. I’m honored to be part of your journey.

From Todd Cosmo: Congratulations Kevin. You are a great runner, teammate and an even better human being. It has been my pleasure to watch you grow into the man you have become.

Georgiene Smith wrote: You have made your home town (Yerington NV)people proud of you and filling your dreams. It started here, small home town boy running  cross country and going on after high school (YHS). Then college life, you have set a good example it can be done by hard work and support. Well done, Congratulations.

And from Kevin’s mother, Jerri Marriot Kirk: So proud of you, Son…After chasing you all over Nevada, California, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Texas for the last 10 years it is bittersweet.