June 12, 2024

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Established 2021

For Kids Foundation : “We strive to help when no one else will.”

For Kids Foundations helps NORTHERN NEVADA CHILDREN, from birth to age 21, to obtain urgently needed medical, dental, psychological, educational, and well-being products/services for early prevention and timely intervention.

In late 2021/early 2022 the For Kids Foundation assisted a Mason Valley family who had lost everything in a fire: immediate access to needed clothing, beds and more for the children.

For Kids Foundation requests your help to 1) identify kids in need; and 2) find new supporters/volunteers.


Our Mission: Serving as a safety net for children who fall through the cracks, since 2003, For Kids Foundation provides one-time funding for the unmet needs of Northern Nevada children (from birth to age 21) when there is no other known resource available.


What We Do: We provide financial aid for evidence-based products/services necessary for a child to thrive: medical, dental, psychological, wellbeing, and educational. Why We Exist: We remove financial barriers so any child can receive the care/attention he/she deservesnow. How We Help: Families apply for assistance on our website https://forkidsfoundation/org/apply. If a request is approved, we order the product to be delivered or pay the service provider directly.