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Sheriff Pope Issues Message of the Week : 01/20/2023

Sheriff Brad Pope issued his:

Message of the Week 01/20/2023

I had the pleasure of speaking with several Community Groups and Government organizations over the past two weeks.
The Community Groups include:

The Dayton Senior Center, Fernley Republican Women, and The Dayton Golf Course Community HOA.

The Government Organizations include:

Lyon County Search and Rescue, Lyon County Auxiliary Patrol Unit (VIP’S), The Yerington Paiute Tribe Chairman, The Fernley City Council and the Board of County Commissioners.

At every meeting I attended over the last two weeks, I was told, “I’ve never seen so many Deputies out working.” “Thank you adding Deputies we’ve never seen so many out and about making traffic stops.” And a multitude of other compliments directed at the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office performance and visibility over the last three weeks.

In reference to being visible, we have not heard praises directed towards the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office and its Deputies in quite some time, and I have to say it makes me proud. I am proud of the Deputies working so hard, and being part of our community. In truth, we are operating with less Deputies now than we were at the end of 2022. We have restructured, and placed Deputies in areas where Deputies were not assigned previously, but it is the hard work of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office employees that people are noticing. It’s their diligence in enforcing the law, and serving the community they patrol, that is catching the eye of the community.

People are now noticing the hard work of our volunteer units. (Search and Rescue and the VIP’s) Search and Rescue has been utilized extensively over the past month, and have shown their continued dedication, and the heart they put into each rescue. Members of Search and Rescue crawled through mud and snow to reach stranded motorists!

The VIP’s worked nearly 9,000 Hours last year. Allowing Deputies to be more productive, and focus on patrolling their areas. Our volunteers have always worked hard, but the community is starting to take notice of the time they dedicate to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, and the Citizens of Lyon County.

I leave you with this request, if you see a Sheriff’s Deputy, employee, or volunteer out and about in the community take the time to thank them for their service. Right now they are operating with less, and doing an exemplary job at it!

Brad Pope

Lyon County Sheriff

On 01/17/2023, the Volunteers in Policing were sworn in by Sheriff Pope.
The VIPs work thousands of hours a year helping with civil paper service; house watches; VIN inspections; special assessments; traffic control; and other auxiliary duties.

On 01/19/2023 at the Lyon County Commissioners meeting, Sheriff Brad Pope recognized Deputy Peter Whitten and Sergeant Alfonzo Lopez with the Sheriff’s Office Community Service Award for their efforts in raising approximately $11,000 for the December Shop with a Cop event. Sheriff Pope reported the funds raised provided 29 children with a Christmas shopping opportunity.