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Sheriff Pope’s Message of the Week : Friday, January 13,2023

In my previous message of the week, I spoke of breaking down certain agency goals established by 30 days, 90 days, 1 year and the first 4 years. Planning is important to my Command Staff and I, and setting goals that are obtainable and measurable is key. Our “goal sheet” is truly a living document. Goals listed might completed sooner than expected, and some may take longer.
There are many tasks, and outside goals that need to be completed that are not listed in this message. Many of our first 30 day goals have been completed already, but I would like to share with you, what I shared with the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Staff.
First 30 days:
-Announce Sergeant and Lieutenant testing (01/04/2023)
-Complete inventory of agency equipment
-Complete inventory of agency evidence vault
-Transfers to Silver Springs complete
-Restructure the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office
-Cement uniform policy into place
-Deputies official pictures complete
-Employee information sheets completed
-24/7 Jail supervision in place
-Daily social media posts
-Brazos updated with infractions
-Issue standing order allowing /outlining Deputies beards (01/03/2023)
First 90 Days:
-Junior Deputy ready to launch 04/01/2023
-Sergeants promoted and in new assignments
-Lieutenants promoted and in new assignments
-2023/2024 Budget Completed
-Summer charity event planned
-Increase frequency of new hire testing
-Collateral assignments finalized and assigned
-Coroner position up and running
-Agency wide proactive policing campaigns initiated and operating (Saturations)
-Official pictures displayed in Sheriff’s Office and Substations (Deputies)
First Year:
-Watch Commander system up and running
-Increase staffing
-Policy manual reviewed and redone
-STET Team operational
-Social Media employee in place
-Response times lowered
-Short / frequent rotations into special assignments begun
-Weekly saturation patrols operating
-Attachment scanning responsibility removed from Deputies
-Increase Deputy pay
First 4 years:
-Increase Deputy pay
-Significantly lower the turnover rate
-Separate K9 schedule from the patrol schedule
-NIBRS Administrative Assistant
I understand that people reading this message may not understand some of the goals listed, they are written with terms utilized within our agency. If you have any questions or need clarifying do not hesitate to ask. I know the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office has excellent Deputies and Civilian Staff. We will be able to accomplish these goals to make Lyon County a safer place.
A personal goal of mine was to improve the communication both internally and to the public. This is a work in progress that I believe to be heading in a positive direction. Thank you for taking the time to read this message, please be safe as more winter storms are expected this weekend,
Brad Pope
Lyon County Sheriff