April 23, 2024

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Yerington’s Small Town Christmas Light Parade 2022 : Dozens of Entries Entertain Crowds

12/10/2022  A brisk Winter rain did not dampen spirits at Yerington’s Small Town Christmas Light Parade 2022!

Charish Mcelroy summed it up when she wrote on the City of Yerington’s Facebook page: “Thank you, Yerington. Today was amazing…my kids had a blast. Nothing stopped any of this from happening and I gotta admit a parade in the rain was definitely a blast!”

The Light Parade began at 5pm on Whitacre & W. Bridge Street over to Main Street, then North on Main to Goldfield & Main at Yerington City Hall. The parade route was lined with enthusiastic spectators, some gathered around fiery warming barrels, others prepared with umbrellas.

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