February 27, 2024

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Anaconda Pit Lake Overlook is Accessible Again ~ December 2022

Since the Anaconda Mine closed in the late 1970s in Mason Valley, Nevada, locals and former locals have enjoyed looking into the Pit to see how high the ground water had filled up the deep mine.

Don Tibbals and his family became caretakers of the mine site and opened an Eastern Vantage Point of the Pit near Highway 339 and West Bridge Street.  Eventually the Eastern view was closed  when the Western Overlook of the Pit Lake opened near the Old Post Office in Weed Heights.

In 2021 until just recently, the Western Overlook access was closed while mine reclamation began with the High Mark Construction Company.

The Western Anaconda Pit Lake Overlook is OPEN again and the water is rising! The following photographs were taken on Wednesday, November 30th:

Remediation activity update as of October 2022:


Public Meeting announcement to update locals and interested parties on the  Anaconda Copper Mine Site ~ Reclamation Project Activities: Thursday, December 15, 2022: