May 29, 2024

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Halloween 2022 at Yerington City Hall’s 2nd Annual Trick or Trunk ~~ Huge Participant Turn-out

If the 1st annual Trick or Trunk at Yerington City Hall in 2021 attracted over 200 children, the 2022 event brought in over 500 trick-or-treaters plus their families.

The Pizen Switch Times “Casper the Friendly Ghost” Car had to close it’s trunk 20 minutes early after running out of it’s candy supply.

The Beetlejuice Truck sent Beetlejuice to the Dollar Store to purchase re-enforcement candy for the steady stream of ghosts, superheroes, Disney characters, princesses, mermaids, tooth fairies, Easter bunnies, scary clowns, scream faces, skeletons, Harry Potters, Ninja Turtles, cowboys & cowgirls, panda bears, Care Bears, witches, bananas, butterflies, police officers, firemen, swat guys, Garbage Pail kids, pumpkins, dinosaurs, dragons, and more!

The following photo gallery captures just a handful of the Candy Givers and the Trick or Treaters at the big event organized by the City of Yerington’s Lori Phillips (Purple Witch) and her trusty team of Goblins, Gorillas, and Gung-Ho Gangsters…

It all began with the “big set up” in the parking lot of City Hall:


And THEN…the children and their families arrived:


And MORE trick-or-treaters streamed through:



…And a sweet time was had by all.