April 22, 2024

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Ralph Baker, Psychologist, Retires after 28 1/2 Years with Rural Mental Health in Yerington

Dr. Ralph Baker officially retired from Nevada Rural Mental Health, Yerington on October 10, 2022 after working for a solid 28.5 years mentoring colleagues and counseling clients.

Dr. Baker grew up in the agricultural town of Fallon, Nevada and initially gained expertise as an automobile mechanic. But a life-changing injury turned him toward becoming a psychologist through a graduate education at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Over the span of his career, Dr. Baker has seen hundreds of clients for testing, evaluation and/or therapy. He is widely known for his patience, ability to listen without judgement, therapeutic skills, viewing the “whole person”, validating the worth of an individual, and foremost, his ability to always keep a client’s best interest as the priority.

“Dr. B”, as he is known to his colleagues in the Yerington Clinic, has provided a solid foundation of professionalism and leadership to the people who have had the privilege of working with him. He always treated co-workers as equals on the team whether a clinician, administrative assistant, nurse or psychiatric case worker.

On September 19th, Dr. Baker’s co-workers held a retirement luncheon for Dr. Baker.

It’s been very difficult for Dr. B’s colleagues in Yerington and his clients to watch him retire…and difficult for Dr. Baker to make the decision to go.

“We will miss Dr. Baker’s stable presence, wise & professional guidance, and most of all the compassion he demonstrated toward co-workers and clients.”