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July 12, 2022: LCSO Arrests Parents ~ DCFS Places Children in Protective Custody


                                                                           Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

Date: July 13, 2022

Re: Child Endangerment Arrest

Area:  Yerington, NV.


For the second time in as many days, the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office received information about a family residing in a recreational vehicle without proper hookups and utilities. Deputies were informed about a residence located at the 300 block of 2nd Avenue in Yerington, NV. that had several subjects living in recreational vehicles on the property.


On the afternoon of July 12, 2022, information gathered by detectives indicated that a family was living on the property and they also had several children living with them.  The tips indicated that the husband and wife were hiding out on the property as they were both wanted by law enforcement. The living conditions were reported to be unfit for children. Additional information gathered indicated that there was possible drug activity occurring at the residence, so Sheriff’s Office Special Investigation Unit Detectives obtained a search warrant for the property.


Detectives arrived on scene and contacted 42-year-old David Helmick, and 31-year-old, Mairenel Hadley, who were found living in a recreational vehicle on the property along with three of their children. The children were aged 13, 7, and 18 months. Detectives found that the recreational vehicle they were living in was on property that of a residence that burned down prior to this investigation, and was not habitable. The property was littered with all sorts of junk vehicles, car parts, and trash.  The recreational vehicle had limited food and water as well.  Detectives found that the residents had illegally tapped into city water and sewer lines. Limited power was provided through the use of a gasoline generator.


When deputies initially arrived to the property, the female came out of the recreational vehicle along with the children after deputies announced their arrival, however the male half was found hiding inside the trailer by a Sheriff’s Office Patrol Canine. He was arrested and booked into the Lyon County Jail, as well as his fiancé. The three children were found to be in need of proper care and evaluated by the Mason Valley Fire Protection District, then released to the Sheriff’s Office. The Nevada Division of Child and Family Services arrived on scene and later placed the children into protective custody.


Subsequent to the investigation, Detectives determined probable cause existed to charge both parents with child endangerment, obstructing and delaying a peace officer and Living in a Recreational Vehicle without a permit. Additionally, David was arrested and charged with felony child abuse. Multiple junk vehicles were towed from the county right away on the side of the road as well. It was also confirmed that the couple also had outstanding warrants for their arrest.


In very similar circumstance to the case deputies investigated the day prior, the temperature at the time of the investigation was 102 degrees. This is another unfortunate case in which subjects were found to be living in a recreational vehicle, without proper permits and utility hookups that is not suitable for permanent family living. There was limited power supplied by a generator which occasionally controlled an air conditioner. The children were found to be dirty, hungry and in need of proper care.


As stated previously, with many people in the county likely feeling the harsh impacts of rising gas prices and tough economic conditions, the Sheriff’s Office would like to let the community know there are many resources available through the Lyon County Human Services Department. Assistance that ranges from beginning of life to end of life, including many programs and counseling services are available to the community. Drug and alcohol counseling, financial aid, food assistance programs and even housing assistance programs are available and offered through the county to those who qualify for that need. For more information on these programs, please contact Lyon County Human Services at (775) 577-5009 or the county website – https://www.lyon-county.org/175/Human-Services



David Helmick:

Child abuse (Felony)

Living in a Recreational Vehicle without a permit

Obstructing a Peace Officer

Misdemeanor Warrant Arrest

Total Bail: $ 76,780  








Mairenel Hadley:

Child Endangerment

Obstructing a Peace Officer

Misdemeanor Warrant Arrest

Living in a Recreational Vehicle without a permit

Total Bail: $ 4,280