June 18, 2024

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$6,162,143 in American Rescue Funds ~ Allocated by Lyon County Commissioners on April 14th, 2022

On April 14, 2022 the Lyon County Board of Commissioners met in their meeting room at  27  S. Main Street in Yerington, Nevada to hear eligible proposals for American Rescue Plan Act ARPA funds. Per Lyon County Manager Jeff Page, the available funds for allocation from the American Rescue Plan Act ARPA was $6,162,143 after $5,008,500 had already been allocated of the total $11,170,643 ARPA funding for Lyon County.

The meeting room was at near capacity with 50+ people in the audience, dozens attending through Zoom technology. Commissioner Vida Keller of District I attended by Zoom; and Commissioners Dave Hockaday of District V, Wes Henderson of District I,  Chairman Ken Gray of District III, and Robert Jacobsen of District IV in  person attendance.

This is a list itemizing the ARPA fund total, the already-allocated funds, and in yellow highlight, the funding available for allocation:


Each entity/department that had submitted a written proposal to the Lyon County Manager’s Office by April 4th, 2022 was afforded 10 minutes to present followed by questions/comments from the County Commissioners.

This next graphic shows the entities requesting funds,  the purpose of the funds, and the amounts requested. Note that the funding requests totaled $16,137,309 for the $6,162,143 that was available.

After over 6 hours of presentations, questions/comments from Commissioners, and 3 minute/person public comments the Commissioners began deliberating to determine which project to fund, and how much to fund each. The “Amount” Column is the request; the “Allocated” column is the funded amount.

This was the result and final determination:

The following are photos taken during this meeting: