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Who is Running and for Which Elected Office?! Lyon Election & Candidate Information


This year, Lyon County will have a full slate of candidates for local offices.

The County Commission has two seats open in the 2022 General Election. District 2 (Portions of Fernley and Silver Springs) is currently filled by Commissioner Vida Keller. Vida Keller will be running for Assembly District 38 and there are two challengers for this seat; Scott Keller of Silver Springs and David Stix, Jr. of Fernley. District 5 (Yerington, Mason Valley, Smith Valley and a portion of southern Silver Springs) has only one person running. Commissioner Dave Hockaday is running unopposed.

The County Clerk-Treasurer Office has three Republicans and one Non-Partisan running for the position currently held by Nikki Bryan.  Staci Lindberg, Elaine St. John and Lisa Glass, all Republicans, will run in the June primary. In the November General Election, the winner will then run against Erin Lopez, a Nonpartisan.

The District Attorney race is a matchup of Incumbent Steve Rye (R) and Troy Jordon (NP).

The current County Assessor, Troy Villines (R) is running unopposed.

The County Recorder’s Office is a matchup of Lori Ann Harrington (R), Christine Smith (NP) and Anita Talbot (R) and the winner will replace the current Recorder Margie Kassenbaum.

The Sheriff’s race will consist of incumbent Frank Hunewill and Brad Pope. The Sheriff’s race is a non-partisan race and both will square off in the General Election in November.

Lyon County has historically had a low voter turnout in the Primary Election. From 2012 to 2020 Lyon County has seen Primary voter turnout ranging from 19.88% in 2016 to 31.61% in 2020. In partisan races, such as the County Commission race, the Primary election determines who the next Commissioner will be as the winner moves onto the General election unopposed. The public is urged to contact the Clerk-Treasurers Office with any voter or election questions at (775) 463-6501 or by checking out the Nevada Secretary of States website at: https://www.nvsos.gov/sos/elections

Jeffery A. Page

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