April 23, 2024

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The Committee to Elect Brad Pope is pleased to announce and endorse the formal candidacy of Brad Pope for Lyon County Sheriff, 2022.  Brad has chosen to augment this announcement with a statement to the citizens of Lyon County that follows:

I was born and raised in Nevada. Growing up in Southern Nevada, the area never really captured my heart, and I found myself more attracted to the small rural communities than to the urban sprawl of Southern Nevada. Consequently, I left Southern Nevada for Ely, Nevada to begin my law enforcement career at Ely State Prison. A few years later, while seeking small town law enforcement opportunities outside of corrections, I was hired by the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, and in 2005 became a Deputy Sheriff patrolling Mason Valley.

I fell in love with Nevada’s heartland and the community of Yerington. I quickly became involved in coaching local little league baseball and youth football, as well as an active participant in other community events. I am currently the head football coach at Yerington High School. I am proud of the football program and the two Nevada State Championships that my team of coaches, current and past players, and community volunteers have built.

​Over the years my family has flourished. My wife Jennifer Dini and I have four beautiful children: Hailey, Aiden, Alyson and Amelia.

In addition, my career has grown within the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office. My duties over the years included Patrol Deputy, Narcotics Detective, Jail Sergeant, Narcotics Sergeant, Special Investigations Sergeant, and Patrol Sergeant. I have investigated every type of criminal case from petit larceny to homicide.  My career has taken me to every corner of Lyon County, From Fernley to Smith Valley and from Mound  House to Silver springs.  I have testified in every court as an expert in the field of narcotics related crimes.   Because of these experiences and the citizens I have met, my commitment to law enforcement in Lyon County continues to grow ever stronger. Throughout this campaign I will expand on these experiences and they relate to the position of Lyon County Sheriff.

As your Sheriff I will focus my efforts on improving our quality of life as it relates to the safety and security of Lyon County Citizens by:

  • A strong leadership role and ensuring the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is at the forefront of community leadership and service. The Sheriff needs to be a visible community leader and an active member in the communities he is responsible to protect!
  • Reducing the crime rate through intelligence gathered policing and focused patrols throughout our communities.
  • Increasing the case closure rate through an investigative mindset by all agency members (our numbers of solved crimes are lower than ever)!
  • An agency focus on retention of qualified employees (there’s a reason the Sheriff’s Office turnover rate is projected to be 3 times higher than the national average)
  • The creation of a traffic safety and enforcement team, Lyon County has the third highest fatal accidents in the State of Nevada; the response can no longer be its NHP’s problem, consequently, we need to work together with the Nevada State Police for solutions.  The Sheriff has a duty to protect the Citizens, even on the State Highways in Lyon County.
  • Reduce the impact illegal narcotics has put on our communities through targeted enforcement against those that put illegal narcotics above their neighborhoods and neighbors.
  • Institute a policing strategic plan with focused goals for crime reduction, fiscal responsibility, training priorities, and community outreach efforts. Currently the Sheriff’s Office is operating with no plan, no direction and no mission.  Deputies operate in leaderless roles and have done a great job at making the best of the current situation.
  • The “issue” of an individual’s constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms has been settled by the U.S. Supreme Court numerous times! The Sheriff is required by oath of office and action to protect those individual rights, especially the Second Amendment.  It is a duty I affirm and do not take lightly!

Remember, you and I chose Lyon County because it is a great place to live.  Public Safety with the right leadership ensures that it will remain that way.  Together we can take a giant bite out of crime and make Lyon County a safer place to live, work, and raise our families.

Brad Pope

Facebook :Brad Pope for Lyon County Sheriff 2022

Website:  Pope4sheriff.com

Phone: (775)434-5681


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