April 19, 2024

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Deputy Lenihan Presents Proposal for Self-Funded Mounted Horse Patrol Unit in the Lyon County Sheriff’s Department

At the Lyon County Commissioners Meeting held at their Yerington hearing room on Thursday, March 3rd, 2022, Sheriff Hunewill introduced Deputy Mark Lenihan who presented a power point on a proposed mounted patrol unit in the Lyon County Sheriff’s Department. Deputy Lenihan is a former MP military policeman for Pickle Meadows and began a highly successful horse patrol program there. Pickle Meadows is a United States Marine Corps winter and mountain training center located between Bridgeport and Topaz, California.

The proposed LCSO Mounted Horse Patrol would be a DONATED / SELF-FUNDED unit amongst the Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Deputies and would be utilized for special events, Search & Rescue, etcetera. The officers and the horses have extensive training and experience.

Here is Deputy Lenihan’s presentation in full: