June 18, 2024

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Crack-of-Dawn Breakfast Held by Rotarian Scholarship Committee

I’d never been invited to a 6am meeting before. But here I was, driving toward “the Stone House” to meet with other community members, Yerington High School Educators, and the Yerington Rotary Club. I was fascinated to learn from Lucy Snyder Rechel that her father, Eddie Snyder, had resided in the loft of the Stone House when he was a teenager.

As a  long-time member of the Rotary Scholarship Committee, Jim Sanford had invited me to this breakfast to meet up with others who were considering Rotary membership, serving on the Scholarship committee, or mentoring high school seniors/college students who would receive tuition support from the Yerington Rotary Club.

The Yerington Rotary Scholarship Committee’s Mission Statement is, “to harness Yerington Rotary’s passion and dedication to improve our world, by providing scholarships to enhance educational opportunities for Yerington students.”

The scholarship funds distributed by this local club are in excess of $30,000 annually. These monies support scholarship recipients as they  attend trade schools or college.

Awarding tuition support to graduating Yerington High School students is a time-honored, decades-long tradition of the Yerington Rotary Club.

Rotary members raise funds year around, and use the scholarships, “as an opportunity to recognize deceased Rotarians and other benefactors…”