March 1, 2024

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Home in Mason is Destroyed by Fire at 12:15am on Saturday February 5th

Neighbors in the Mason community alerted emergency services to a structure fire on 4th Avenue just after midnight last night. The home was completely destroyed.

Pizen Switch Times thanks Monte Walker for the following photographs that he took after calling 911:

Information added:

Leah Wilkinson spoke with a homeowner on the north side of the burned home. When the neighbor across the street saw the home on fire, he phoned the homeowner to wake them. Then he banged loudly on the door of the fire-engulfed home to wake the occupants. Sparks were drifting over the rooftop of the neighboring homeowner, but when he attempted to use the garden hose it was frozen solid in the temperature under 20 degrees.

Firefighters used apparatus to move a fire-engulfed car away from the structure so they could have better access to the house fire and protect the exposures of homes nearby.

Photographs from Leah Wilkinson: