June 18, 2024

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Ms. Angela Sciarani’s 1st Grade Class Wants Your Vote October 14-21: Dolan Class Project

Pizen Switch Times thanks Educator Ms. Angela Sciarani for the following news article and for her ongoing inspiration to her students & their families:

 I am Angela Sciarani. I was born and raised in this wonderful, loving community of Yerington and am now a first grade teacher here at Yerington Elementary School…
      My first graders have worked very hard on their Five Little Monkeys play and decided to enter it into the Dolan Class Project to win money for our school. We would LOVE for everyone in our community to see it and to VOTE! We hope that it brings a smile to everyone’s face and fills their hearts with much joy and happiness. Voting ends on Thursday, October 21st!  To vote, please go to https://www.dolanautogroup.com/class-project/fall-2021.htm.
 Scroll down and click on Miss Sciarani’s class to watch and vote!  Thank you to ALL for always supporting our youth and community!