April 19, 2024

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Reed High School Cross Country Meet ~ October 1st, 2021 ~ Kutoven Stevens takes 1st

Representing Yerington High School, Senior Kutoven Stevens was the top runner at the cross country meet sponsored by Reed High School in Reno, Nevada. Ku’s friend Jackson Elliot came in next a minute later.

The Damonte Team came in 3rd for a team total coached by Lupe Cabada who also mentors Kutoven.  Ku may compete as the only Yerington High School runner, but he has been included in the comradery of team members and coaches from other schools.

On your mark, get set, GO!



Kutoven and Jackson Elliot:


Ku and Sparks Coach Ryan (who designed Remembrance Run t-shirt):

Cross country spectators Delmar Stevens and his cousin Junior:

Pizen Switch Times thanks Misty Stevens for contributing information and photos for this article.