June 18, 2024

The Pizen Switch Times

Established 2021

Organic produce ~ Handmade Caramels ~ Fairy Dust ~ Scones ~ Hotdogs ~ Crafts ~ and a Movie

It’s another hazy Saturday evening in Mason Valley.

People have been gathering at Veterans Park near the Yerington Ball fields: gathering to visit with neighbors; gathering to shop for fresh organic produce, handmade caramels and caramel apples; gathering to collect a tiny glass bottle of fairy dust; gathering to dance and sing along with the solo country western crooner; gathering to eat a savory hotdog; gathering¬† on their lawn chairs and beach blankets to watch the movie “Gifted” on the green grass…

Nancy Park of the River Split Ranch, Rangers from the Walker River State Park, and Rotary Club volunteers began this very popular Yerington’s Nights this August. Before the event begins each Saturday in August, the sprinklers were turned off, the bathroom facilities unlocked, and the grass fogged to repel mosquitos.

As the smoke-reddened sun sinks behind the Singatse Range, it’s movie time!