March 3, 2024

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Inez Schaechterle, College Professor and Author of “Ghost Riders at Hutchinson’s Two-Pump”.

“Ghost Riders at Hutchinson’s Two-Pump” by Inez Schaechterle published in Fantasy Magazine

~ Article submitted by Leah Moore Wilkinson

Inez Schaechterle, College Professor and Author.

I just finished reading Inez Schaechterle’s “Ghost Riders at Hutchinson’s Two-Pump” published in Fantasy Magazine’s August issue. Sure, I could’ve waited until the end of August to read the story for free, but knowing that a great tale awaited (I’ve read Inez’s creative writing since we were children growing up together in Yerington), I paid the three bucks to read it NOW!

Inez, true to form, wrote a story that grabbed me in from start to finish with colorful, light-hearted, paranormal, surprising, and human detail. “Ghost Riders at Hutchinson’s Two Pump” pulls in old-timey details of small town southwest with some hidden treasures for many of us that know the author.  Inez has been penning stories since she learned to read & write, and those of us who’ve read her creative tales can only say that it is about time that Inez’s works become published. “When’s the next one?!”

Inez’s previous fiction publications are “Down Under the Underworld, Birdies Sing” (2010, out of print) and “Passing Down,” which received honorable mention in Best Horror 2009 (the anthology, Cthulhu Unbound 2, is available used from Amazon and Thrift Books).

Inez grew up in Yerington, Nevada with her parents and siblings living right across from the Yerington Elementary School Office on California Street. Our fathers worked together at Crescent Garage. She helped me learn to spell her name when we were in the 4th grade: SCH…AE…CHT…ER…LE.

Inez Schaechterle, 2nd from the left, on Graduation Day in 1981 at Yerington High School.

Early on, Inez declared that she wanted to be a paleontologist when she grew up. She still has interest in paleontology, but eventually decided that a person has to make a living. Inez graduated from Yerington High School in 1981, attended the University of Nevada, Reno, taught at a private university in Iowa, then landed where she is now teaching at a college in Holbrook, Arizona.

Fantasy Magazine describes itself as, “a digital magazine focusing exclusively on the fantasy genre. In its pages, you will find all types of fantasy—dark fantasy, contemporary urban tales, surrealism, magical realism, science fantasy, high fantasy, folktales…and anything and everything in between. Fantasy is entertainment for the intelligent genre reader—we publish stories of the fantastic that make us think, and tell us what it is to be human.”

Inez Schaechterle grew up in northwestern Nevada on a diet of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tolkien, and old western and gangster movies.
After studying to be a costume historian, she worked as an office temp, a community sex educator, and a grant writer. Eventually, she
returned to school and studied fiction writing with author Susan Palwick, going on to earn a Ph.D. in English rhetoric and composition. A
graduate of Clarion West writing workshop, Inez now teaches college writing and literature in Holbrook, Arizona. She lives with three
dogs, two cats, an elderly parrot, and two snakes in a house full of books and craft supplies.”

August issue of Fantasy Magazine with Inez Schaechterle’s “Ghost Riders at Hutchinson’s Two-Pump”